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Dongwon F&B dispatches new brand of smoked ham

By Kim Jae-heun

Food maker Dongwon F&B has presented another brand of meat items called “Grilly.” The name is a mix of the English word “Barbecue” and the letter “y” expecting to impart the incredible kinds of its items, which are simmered in a stove and afterward barbecued.

In 2016, Dongwon F&B set up broilers and barbecues at its creation offices without precedent for the nearby food industry to make ham that offers an unmistakable barbecued flavor.

The homegrown market for refrigerated meats has been stale for some time. In any case, the market for fire barbecued ham has been developing in excess of 20% every year, as indicated by Nielsen Korea. Last year, the market size outperformed 60 billion won ($49.25 million).

Dongwon F&B extended its Grilly item portfolio by offering frankfurters, bacon and chicken bosoms.

The food organization expects to develop Grilly into a 50 billion won brand soon.

Grilly brand pork and chicken items are cooked two times, first in a stove at 250 degrees Celsius, and afterward barbecued at 300 degrees Celsius to give the meat a rich, smoky flavor. The items don’t contain additives, cancer prevention agents, shades or different added substances.

“Refrigerated ham is as of now not just a side dish that individuals eat with rice here. It is delighted in as a tidbit or food to eat with cocktails. We intend to reinforce the Grilly brand’s intensity through different advertising exercises reflecting shopper criticism,” a Dongwon F&B official said.

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